6 12 2010

All 41 Medieval English MS chosen for the JISC-funded Manchester Middle English Manuscripts project are now fully catalogued & available online in the Rylands Medieval Collection.


Transcription plans…

18 10 2010

An exciting development in the Manchester Middle English Manuscripts project…  Two volunteers, Mary Begley & Jasmine Sparrow, will be working on a transcription of English MS 7 (Forme of Cury). Mary & Jasmine have both recently completed BAs in English Language at the University of Manchester. Upon completion, the transcriptions will be available in the Luna record for English MS 7.

Thank you!

7 10 2010

The MMEMS project would like to say a big thank you to Mary Begley, a postgraduate student in the School of Languages, Linguistics & Cultures, who has been volunteering with us for a few years.  Her contribution to the project has been invaluable.  As part of her recently completed BA in English Language, Mary’s dissertation was a partial transcription of, and a morpho-syntactic/lexico-semantic description of MS English 404 (Medical Recipes). She is currently working on English MS 82, a Wycliffe Old Testament, which is the last remaining  manuscript, out of the original 41, to be catalogued.

Latest Update

2 06 2010

Just a quick blog to keep everyone up-to-date with the progress of the project: English MS 82 (Wycliffe Old Testament) and English MS 91 (Wycliffe Bible) are currently being catalogued by project staff, leaving only English MS 83 (Wycliffe Parablis of Solomon) to do…..

Latest Update

17 05 2010

English MS 80, a Later Version Wycliffe New Testament, has now gone ‘live’ and is available to be viewed online via LUNA within the Rylands Medieval Collection.

Prologue to the Gospel of Luke

Latest Update

4 05 2010

As promised in a recent post, English MS 79, a Later Version Wycliffe New Testament, has now gone ‘live’ and is available to be viewed online via LUNA within the Rylands Medieval Collection.

Gospel of John: Prologue and chapter one

Latest Update

26 04 2010

The cataloguing of the beautiful Petworth Chaucer manuscript is now complete and the images of the entire item are now available to view in the Rylands Medieval Collection in LUNA.  This work has been done through the Centre for Heritage Imaging & Collection Care.

From Petworth House & Park, National Trust property, West Sussex

  • Petworth 486026, Canterbury Tales, (early 15th century, ca 1420-40)