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5 01 2011
As mentioned previously, here is a complete list of the 57 incunables we have digitised by the Centre for Heritage Imaging & Collection Care thanks to funding by Gale Publishing.  Amongst these incunables is a copy of Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur.  Part of the Spencer Collection, it was printed by Wynkyn de Worde on 25 March 1498.  Although our copy (JRL 15396) is imperfect, it is the only known surviving copy.
Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur
Page from Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur

For those Malory enthusiasts out there, please take a look at the Malory Project site.  The Malory Project is an electronic edition and commentary of Malory’s Morte Darthur (1469-70), with digital facsimiles of the Winchester Manuscript (British Library, Add. MS 59678) and John Rylands Copy of Caxton’s first edition.



6 12 2010

John Rylands Library holds an incredible collection of incunables.  As part of a partnership with Gale Publishing, the Centre for Heritage Imaging & Collection Care (CHICC) have embarked on an ambitious project to digitise a number of them.  Earlier this year, Gale selected a small number for the CHICC team to begin with.  Now available online in the Rylands Medieval Collection are (JRUL reference number in brackets):

  • Luca Pulci, Cyriffo Calvaneo (13735)
  • Marsilio Ficino, De Christiana religione (16751)
  • Cristoforo Landino, Formulario di epistole (17427)
  • Aesopus moralisatus (17645)
  • Luca Pulci, Il Driadeo (18183)
  • Domenico Cavalca, Frutti della lingua (9785.1)
  • Domenico Cavalca, Specchio di Croce (9785.2)
  • Angelo Poliziano, Silva cui titulus Manto (20797.1)
  • Angelo Poliziano, Silva cui titulus Rusticus (20797.2)
  • Angelo Poliziano, Silva cui titulus Ambra (20797.3)
  • Angelo Poliziano, Silva cui titulus Nutricia (20797.4)
  • Gerardus de Lisa, Mirabilia Romae (21324.1)
  • Suetonius, De grammaticis et rhetoribus (21324.2)
  • Sextus Aurelius Victor, De viris illustribus (21324.3)
  • Soprascripti et introscripti di lettere (21324.4)
  • Giovanni Boccaccio, Decamerone (18201)

CHICC are currently digitising another 57 incunables from our collection, the majority of which were printed in England.  Photography is nearly complete & so begins the painstaking job of cataloguing them all….  All incunabula will be freely available online in 2011.

If anyone has a particular interest in incunabula, it is worth having a look at the Cambridge Incunabula Project, which aims to create specialist records for all the incunables in the Library’s online catalogue, with special emphasis on copy-specific information such as anomalies, rubrication, decoration and illumination, annotations, binding, marks of ownership, and provenance.  The Project cataloguer is Dr. Laura Nuvoloni – have a look at her blog.

Latest Update

6 10 2010

Three more manuscripts from Chetham’s Library have been digitised through Centre for Heritage Imaging & Collection Care and made available online via LUNA in the Rylands Medieval collection:

Chetham’s MS Mun.A.6.89

Chetham’s MS HP.60

Chetham’s MS HP.728