Forme of Cury

30 03 2011

We are pleased to announce that English MS 7 (Forme of Cury) has now been transcribed by our two volunteers, Mary Begley & Jasmine Sparrow, and is available on LUNA. The Forme Of Cury is a medieval recipe book, written by the Master Chef of King Richard II of England.  It contains many fascinating recipes, including some rather odd dishes containing the likes of porpoise.

Mary & Jasmine graduated from the School of Language, Linguistics & Cultures last year with first class honours and have been a great help to the MMEMS project. They will continue volunteering with us & will work on transcribing more of the English MS we have already digitised. Indeed, Mary has already begun work on English MS 1310 – ‘On Urines’.

recipe for Drepe, and Mawmene

The above recipes are as follows;

(.xix.) Drepee. Take bla(u)nched alma(u)nd(es) grynd he(m) & temp(er) vp with gode broth take oyno(u)ns a grete q(ua)ntite. p(ar)boyle he(m) & fry he(m) & do þerto.
take smale bridd(es) p(ar)boile hem & do þ(er)to. & do þ(er)to pellydore & salt & a litul grece.

(.xx.) Mawmene. Take a potel of wyne creke. & ii. pou(n)nde of sug(ur). take and clarifye þe sug(ur) w(i)t(h) a q(ua)ntite of wyne & drawe it þorow a st(ra)yno(ur) i(n) to a pot of erthe.