French MS 1, The Rochefoucauld Grail

8 12 2010
French MS1 143v

French MS1 143v

Some people may have heard of the Rochefoucauld Grail, an illuminated medieval manuscript that was recently sold by Sotheby’s for over £2 million.

These three volumes auctioned by Sotheby’s were originally part of a set of four.  The fourth and final volume is itself split between the John Rylands (French MS. 1) and the Bodleian (Douce MS. 215).

All the images of French MS 1 can be found here.



6 12 2010

John Rylands Library holds an incredible collection of incunables.  As part of a partnership with Gale Publishing, the Centre for Heritage Imaging & Collection Care (CHICC) have embarked on an ambitious project to digitise a number of them.  Earlier this year, Gale selected a small number for the CHICC team to begin with.  Now available online in the Rylands Medieval Collection are (JRUL reference number in brackets):

  • Luca Pulci, Cyriffo Calvaneo (13735)
  • Marsilio Ficino, De Christiana religione (16751)
  • Cristoforo Landino, Formulario di epistole (17427)
  • Aesopus moralisatus (17645)
  • Luca Pulci, Il Driadeo (18183)
  • Domenico Cavalca, Frutti della lingua (9785.1)
  • Domenico Cavalca, Specchio di Croce (9785.2)
  • Angelo Poliziano, Silva cui titulus Manto (20797.1)
  • Angelo Poliziano, Silva cui titulus Rusticus (20797.2)
  • Angelo Poliziano, Silva cui titulus Ambra (20797.3)
  • Angelo Poliziano, Silva cui titulus Nutricia (20797.4)
  • Gerardus de Lisa, Mirabilia Romae (21324.1)
  • Suetonius, De grammaticis et rhetoribus (21324.2)
  • Sextus Aurelius Victor, De viris illustribus (21324.3)
  • Soprascripti et introscripti di lettere (21324.4)
  • Giovanni Boccaccio, Decamerone (18201)

CHICC are currently digitising another 57 incunables from our collection, the majority of which were printed in England.  Photography is nearly complete & so begins the painstaking job of cataloguing them all….  All incunabula will be freely available online in 2011.

If anyone has a particular interest in incunabula, it is worth having a look at the Cambridge Incunabula Project, which aims to create specialist records for all the incunables in the Library’s online catalogue, with special emphasis on copy-specific information such as anomalies, rubrication, decoration and illumination, annotations, binding, marks of ownership, and provenance.  The Project cataloguer is Dr. Laura Nuvoloni – have a look at her blog.


6 12 2010

All 41 Medieval English MS chosen for the JISC-funded Manchester Middle English Manuscripts project are now fully catalogued & available online in the Rylands Medieval Collection.