Latest Update

26 04 2010

The cataloguing of the beautiful Petworth Chaucer manuscript is now complete and the images of the entire item are now available to view in the Rylands Medieval Collection in LUNA.  This work has been done through the Centre for Heritage Imaging & Collection Care.

From Petworth House & Park, National Trust property, West Sussex

  • Petworth 486026, Canterbury Tales, (early 15th century, ca 1420-40)

Latest Update

23 04 2010

There are currently 33 Middle English manuscripts digitised and available as part of The Rylands Medieval Collection. Three more manuscripts (English MS 79, English MS 80 and English MS 103) will go ‘live’ shortly.  This means that, out of the 41 manuscripts selected for digitisation as part of In the bigynnyng: the Manchester Middle English Digital Library (JISC digitisation programme), it only remains to catalogue 5 more manuscripts before the project is complete!