Latest Update

14 08 2009

There are now 34 manuscripts photographed, 25 of these have been catalogued and 24 are currently live in Luna Insight’s Medieval Collection. Access the collection at the address below.


Latest Manuscript Digitisation

6 08 2009
Rylands English MS 82

Rylands English MS 82

The latest English Manuscript to be digitised is one of 9 Wycliffe Bibles, and the only version of the Old Testament to be included in the Project. The manuscript dates back to the Early 15th century. As well as this, 3 Brut Chronicles have also been completed, MS 103, 104 and 105. All the manuscripts are currently being catalogued and will be on line once this is completed. This brings the grand total to 32 fully digitised manuscripts, leaving only 9 to go!